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Marissa initially created Rebel In Venus as a live performance that brings the audience into the world of 9 uninhibited, young women, who are having a girls-night-in and playing dress-up while talking about sex, boys, feminism, tampons, tequila, assault... and a whole lot more. This raw and unfiltered cabaret-ballet, playfully redefines the iconic goddess figure known as Venus for today's 21st century 'girl' and 'woman'. 

The live show has a fierce sex-postive message and it encourages both its performers and its audience to embrace the expression of sensuality as a form of empowerment and healing, rather than something to be ashamed of, or even embarrassed by. It also examines trauma from abuse, and creates an alternative safe-space for healing by experiencing an uninhibited expression of sensuality. All of which, created the pathway for creating the Rebel In Venus: Private Pole Sessions

The Private Pole Sessions offer its clients personalized and private pole instruction for those who are are interested in healing their own relationship with themselves, their body and their own sensuality. These private pole sessions began during the first year of the Covid-pandemic, because where live shows were not a safe option, two ways that became new outlets of expression and connection were 1)  the private pole sessions and 2) the book

The Book was written by Marissa during quarentine, while she was also beginning treatment for her own PTSD. The book, with original illustrations by Amliv Sotomayor, tells the story of Layla Moore, a sex-worker, who is attempting to unblur the lines between consent and assault in her life. It is a poetic and visual oad to those who have survived abuse and to anyone who is trying to learn how to live a life free of shame.

Most recently, Rebel In Venus and Alma Dance Theater partnered with to launch the $REBEL coin, a social token that promotes community involvement in the artist’s vibrant pursuits, and will introduce Rebel In Venus and Alma Dance Theater NFT's to the world.   

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