Our very first limited 100 enamel pins from the series of illustrations created by Amliv Sotomayor for the Rebel In Venus book is finally here! "The Archetype" - is an original enamel pin, created by Amliv Sotomayor, created for the poem 'The Archetype', written by Marissa Alma Nick for the book. 


There are only 100 limited enamel pins of "The Archetype" made in the entire universe of Venus! So get her now, before she becomes priceless. 


Each pin is made with hand-crafted care, so please allow up to 6 weeks upon your order date for "The Archetype" enamel pin. 


Additional photos of past enamel pins created by Amliv Sotomayor are included in the above swipes, to see how incredible your pin of "The Archetype" is going to be!

"The Archetype" - Limited Enamel Pin

SKU: ArchetypePIN1