Founder / Choreographer / Writer

Marissa Alma Nick graduated from the New World School of the Arts and received her BFA from the University of South Florida. She went on to dance as a free-lance dancer in Los Angeles, which ultimately lead to her desire for creating her own all-femme dance company. Believing Miami was fertile ground to explore her ideas about women and dance, she eventually established Alma Dance Theater, and became the founding artistic director for the festival: ScreenDance Miami. Since then, Marissa has continued to produce and create work for women, by women... with the sole intention of empowering women.  Her three most notable productions: CASK, FLOWERS, and REBEL IN VENUS have all given a voice to women who are often brushed into the dark by society. Cask is the story of Montresa, a bipolar scorned lover and feminine adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Cask of Amontillado”. Flowers is about Jean, a loving mother, who develops dementia and gets lost in her own permanent daydream. And Rebel In Venus explores the life of Layla, a sex-worker, and sexual assault survivor, who is earnest on living a life free of shame.