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In this all-femme ALDT twist on the classic ballet, created and directed by Alma Dance Theater's Marissa Alma Nick, Giselle is the star of an infamous cabaret, who has fallen in love with Victoria, the owner of the club. However, Giselle discovers that Victoria is quite the philanderer, and has been gaslighting Giselle through several text messages, and it is this unspeakable deceit and heartbreak, that eventually drives Giselle insane, and causes her to faint.
When Giselle faints, she finds herself in a surreal parallel universe; one that symbolically mirrors the revealing night at the cabaret, and gives flight to her ultimate revenge fantasy. In this colorful fever dream, Giselle imagines herself and her friends from the cabaret, as ruthless vixens who are to avenge her broken heart, by capturing Victoria and forcing her to face her cunning decisions.

2023 Show Dates Coming Soon...

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