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Layla's carefully curated sense of reality is quickly unraveling, will she learn to save herself in time?



Meet Layla, a professional dancer, who has unknowingly been living her unconventional life under the veil of her distorted memory.


Over the course of a quick-witted girl's night spent inside, with her best friend Maria, Layla's memory is jolted and begins to return to her. The dynamic, and sometimes shocking night is filled with gripping stories of sexual revelations, high-school humiliations, unwanted pregnancies, unwavering friendships, sex work, divorce, and more. 


While the unexpected conversation of confessions unfolds, Layla's struggle with her past starts to crystallize and challenges the strength of her friendship with Maria, as well as Layla's own life.

PRE SALE: 1/24/23

RELEASE:   3/3/23

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